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Bulk SMS for Travel Agencies

The hospitality industry relies heavily on great customer service. Quality service is the license to more sales and brand loyalty. AirTouch Bulk SMS service can help you attract and retain customers by sharing discounts, offers, booking confirmations, payment reminders, itinerary details, thank you notes, announcing upcoming events, sending special birthday & holiday wishes, and collect feedback for better quality service.

Earn Customer Trust with SMS Marketing

Keep customers updated about their trip, accommodation, meal, or tour details with automated SMS alerts. Use bulk SMS to also give your customers details such as room availability, Wi-Fi password, daily menu, and welcome message with complimentary offers.

Enhance Customer Service with Branded Business SMS

Great customer service is everything in the hospitality industry. If your customer service desk is busy or closed, allow guests and potential clients to access instant service via SMS. AirTouch SMS solutions can help your customers to check-out via SMS and access their trip itinerary or directions on their mobile phones even when they are out of internet coverage.

Build Loyalty

Share special offers, deals, and coupons for your customers to redeem during their next stay. Never let your clients miss happy hour and daily special. Also, do not forget their birthdays and holidays. Further, sending simple thank you messages can go a long way in retaining your current clients.

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