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AirTouch Bulk SMS Gateway is a do-it-yourself text message solution that offers both interactive and broadcast SMS marketing. Users can be up and running within minutes.
Any business, organization and institution can use our SMS products. Some of the biggest users of our mobile marketing services are advertising agencies, radio stations, schools, churches, and banks. We also have a lot of auto dealers, nightclubs, retailers, and newspapers using this Bulk SMS service to run mobile sweepstakes, send discount coupons, 2 Factor Authentication codes, and mobile alerts.
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Interactive programs involve sending a keyword to a Short Code such as 22920 and getting a response from the recipients. Broadcast programs involve your sending a simultaneous text message to a large database of users.
Yes, you can get your own Short Code, but they are quite expensive. The cost for a standard Short Code is KES 15,000 per month and is KES 250,000 one-time payment for a Golden Short Code. This money goes to the national mobile service providers like Safaricom, Airtel and Telkom. The technology behind AirTouch Bulk SMS Gateway can support other short codes, but most people opt to use the shared short code technology as the monthly fee for this is KES 5,000.
A Golden Short Code is a more memorable number, such as 22231. If you are broadcasting your mobile marketing message, a golden short code is critical because the listener can memorize it in a short period.
The major advantage of a shared Short Code is clearly the cost. AirTouch Bulk SMS Gateway has already paid for all the start-up and monthly fees for shared short codes, so it will be cheaper for you to use. The only disadvantage is that no two users can use the same keyword. It is possible, although unlikely, that the keyword you request is already being used by another organization. In that case, you will have to create a new keyword.
A keyword is a word that subscribers send via text message to a Short Code to join your subscriber list or interact with your service. For example, in the message "Text WIN to 22920," WIN is the keyword, and 22920 is the shared code. Anybody who texts "WIN" to this short code automatically enters your competition/subscriber list, and you can communicate with them in the future. Keywords are not case-sensitive; therefore, it doesn't matter if you capitalize some, all or none of the letters in the keyword. When advertising a keyword, we recommend capitalizing the keyword in your SMS so that it can stand out.
You can use the keyword for as long as you continue paying the monthly maintenance fee. If you cancel your account or fail to make your payment, the keyword becomes available for others to register after 30 days.
AirTouch Bulk SMS Gateway allows you to purchase additional keywords for KES 5,500/= each per month.
The greatest advantage of mobile marketing is the database you create. You own the database, and AirTouch Bulk SMS Gateway has no rights to the database. The database will never be re-sold or used for any purposes other than your own.
Yes, you can maintain multiple databases for different promotions, regions, clients or any other purpose.
No, you don't need any software download to use our mobile marketing program. You configure your keywords through our SMS Gateway from a computer web browser or Smartphone and then start sending messages.
We have a strict anti-spam policy for all our clients. We forbid the use of our broadcast text message system to be used in a manner that constitutes spamming. Our terms and conditions prohibit sending text messages to anyone who has not opted-in to receive such messages. We ensure that recipients of text messages from our system have the ability, at any time, to stop receiving such text messages by simply texting.
You can top up your account directly through our M-PESA PayBill Number 512500.
No. Once you have secured your Sender IDs from all the networks and bought SMS credits, you will not incur any other costs. Our Bulk SMS services are prepaid, meaning you only send as many messages as your credits allow.
Some incoming messages are free, while others are paid. Find out if you will need to pay for your specific campaign during registration.
Either you or your subscribers can pay for the message replies you receive in your AirTouch inbox.
No, there is no limit to the number of messages you can send in a day or month. You send as many or few as you want.
No, your Bulk SMS credits do not expire. You can buy as many as possible and use them as long as you want.
Yes. You pay for all messages you send out to your subscribers regardless of the delivery status. This is because we get charged for the messages and also use a lot of resources trying to deliver the message. If you do not want to pay for failed messages, clean up your database to remove inactive and invalid numbers from your campaigns.
Yes, of course. The packages on the site are traditionally the ones most customers prefer. Our sales department is happy to customize a package for your specific needs.
Yes, we price match in case you find a lower price elsewhere. Just give us a call at +254 723 403 466.
To start sending SMS from the AirTouch SMS Gateway, create an account, acquire your Sender IDs, buy SMS credits and then upload your contact lists.
Once you create an account with AirTouch, we'll send you an activation code to your phone. Use this code to log in and change your password. Once this is done, we deposit 50 free bulk SMS credits to your account.
If you did not receive your activation code, call our customer service staff at +254 723 403 466 for assistance.
If you forgot or lost your password, click the "Forgot Password" button to reset it. We'll send an email message with password recovery instructions. Follow the instructions to set your new password.
You have to email to aclsupport@airtouchkenya.com and request for the password to be changed.
Once you log into your Bulk SMS portal, you will be able to see your account balance in the top right corner.
There is no limit. You can send your SMS text messages to as many contacts as possible. However, to avoid overloading the servers and delaying delivery, we advise you to send your SMS messages in batches of 200,000.
No, you cannot send vernacular messages as per the Communication Authority of Kenya regulations. The only allowed language is Kiswahili and English.
To personalize your Bulk SMS messages, add the first name and surname of the people in your contact lists. When creating the message, just click “Use Parameter.”
Yes, you can send Bulk SMS with different contents. This can be through segmentation of the target audience, where you group your audience into various segments and create a unique message for each group. The other way to do so is by using our Bulk SMS APIs that pick personal data from your website or app database and customize the message for each recipient.
Yes, you can send a Bulk SMS message longer than 160 characters. However, you will be charged as per the length of the message.
Yes. If you have an app that needs to use 2FA or send notifications to users, you can integrate it with our Bulk SMS system using APIs. Call +254 723 403 466 for help with Bulk SMS API integration.
You need to ask your customers to give you their phone numbers for future communication and ask them for consent to send them promotional messages. You can put a subscription form on your website or social media pages to collect the target audience's mobile phone numbers.
It is illegal to buy or sell database of mobile phone numbers of Kenyans. You must obtain the target customer's consent to use their phone numbers for Bulk SMS campaigns.
AirTouch takes the user's privacy seriously. As such, we have put measures in place to ensure that your contact lists are secure and not accessible to third parties. However, you need to ensure that nobody else has your account password.
Yes, you can add other team members to help you with campaign management. As the admin, you can assign your team members other roles and control the features they have access to.
Yes, customers can respond to your Bulk SMS messages. However, you need to use a short code for Two-Way interactive messages that allow you to chat with your customers from your AirTouch inbox.

Mobile Marketing

Reach your customers or members anywhere, any time. SMS Campaign is one of the latest and fastest growing types of marketing owing to its low cost and high return on investment. It is credited for posting promotions and updates in the pockets of existing and potential customers. Whereas it is permission based type of marketing, it offers higher response rates as most mobile phone users open and view text messages at their convenience. Our marketing platform allows you to quickly, easily and economically implement mobile campaigns and spin your database into gold.

Cell phone penetration in Kenya exceeds that of the internet. And, as cell phone penetration continues to grow, internet has flattened out. Mobile Marketing allows a brand, media, or content provider to target subscribers anytime, anywhere with its message. Whether they are at home, at work, in the car, or travelling on business or vacation, mobile marketing never rests.


Mobile Advertising

Text messaging has been steadily gaining popularity as an advertising medium. And for good reason! Advertisers who use text messaging to promote their products are able to reach out to a highly targeted group of consumers. Millions upon millions of people all over Kenya own cell phones that have the ability to receive text messages.

When comparing the relatively low cost of SMS advertising to that of more traditional advertising options, the choice is obvious. Text messaging is the most efficient and cost effective way to reach the largest target audience. Advertisers can promote their products in several ways through text messaging. They can send instant coupons, promotional messages and even last minute sales and discounts directly to their prospects

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