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Boost Your Mobile Marketing Strategy With Bulk SMS/Group SMS

Mobile marketing can help your company generate leads faster or send important alerts and notifications in seconds. You can use the AirTouch Bulk SMS or Group SMS solutions to reach your audience in just seconds and boost your sales and marketing campaigns.

You can benefit from our SMS marketing solutions if;

  •   You want to send mass messages at a time
  •   Your recipients do not have access to smartphones and internet
  •   You do not have a website yet
  •   Your website is not converting despite running several digital marketing campaigns
  •   You need faster response from your target audience
  •   You have an urgent message you want to send to the masses

How it Works

In order to incorporate SMS Marketing into your Mobile Marketing Strategy, follow these steps;

  •  Decide the goals of your campaign
  •  Create a contact list from your existing database
  •  Write down the content of your SMS message
  •  Secure a Sender ID for your One-Way Bulk SMS campaigns or Short Code for interactive Two-Way SMS Campaigns
  •  Compose your SMS using our SMS template
  •  Upload your contacts
  •  Send your campaign or schedule to send later

Tips to Optimize Your SMS Mobile Campaigns

If you are sending mass messages to a wide range of people, use the following tips for optimal performance of your campaign

  •  Secure Sender IDs from all the three network providers to avoid bounced messages
  •  Send Bulk SMS to announce your Short Code to avoid undelivered messages
  •  Include a link to your website for more information or details of your promo
  •  Give your recipients your customer support number for faster conversions
  •  Send SMS Messages to people who have given you consent to send them marketing information
  •  Understand your target customer’s needs and address them in your SMS text
  •  Know the most optimal time for sending out your Scheduled SMS Campaigns
  •  Do not spam your customers
  •  Segment your customers to determine the most relevant content for each of them
  •  Remember to send them good wishes on important days
  •  Work with SMART goals and evaluate your progress periodically
  •  Monitor Delivery Reports and clean up your contact lists regularly

Send Messages Directly to Your Customers

Short Message Service (SMS) is one of the most effective Mobile Marketing tools. It allows you to send a message directly to customers who have interacted with your brand before. Depending on the analytics reports from your Bulk SMS dashboard, you can schedule your personalized SMS messages to go at the most optimal times when your recipients are likely to read your SMS text messages, such as the early morning or late evening.

Mobile Marketing FAQs

Yes, SMS Marketing works. Kenya has over 61 million mobile subscribers. In 2021, these subscribers sent 42.7 billion messages meaning that many people in Kenya use SMS for communication.

One message has 160 characters, but you can send more than one message.

Use SMS Marketing to announce discounts, sales and special offers, to announce a competition or competition winners, to update your customers about important information such as a change of location and business hours, to send alerts and any time-sensitive information.

To avoid spamming or being blocked by your recipients, send a maximum of 2 SMS text messages per week.

To create an SMS marketing campaign, sign up with SMS Service Providers like AirTouch and then follow the instructions.

An SMS Short Code is a dedicated number that allows Two-Way communication between you and your target audience. They can join your SMS Marketing subscriber list using a specified keyword and respond to your mass messages that will come directly to your AirTouch inbox.

An SMS template is a canvas that helps you to compose your SMS messages faster. This is a message that is frequently sent or does not change. Our Gateway allows you to save it on a template for easy access and quick sending.

You will fill out a form that we’ll share with the network provider for approval.

To opt-out of an SMS campaign, send the Word “Stop” to the sender or dial *456*9*5*1# and follow the prompts.

The time allowed by the Communications Authority of Kenya to send promotional messages is from 8:00 am – 6:00 pm.