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Send One SMS Message to a Group With AirTouch

Keep your Chama Members, SACCO Members, and loyal customers updated with AirTouch Group SMS. To get started, sign up, buy SMS credits and start sending Group messages.

Features of AirTouch Group SMS

  • Batch messaging to any phone in Kenya
  • Guaranteed opens within 5 seconds
  • No software download
  • Unlimited recipients
  • Insert links
  • Personalized Bulk messages
  • 99.99% delivery rates
  • Live delivery reports
  • Affordable rates
  • Opt-out feature
  • Instant results

How to Use AirTouch Group SMS

AirTouch Group SMS allows you to send alerts and notifications to group members. We also have a Two-Way Group SMS that allow you to chat with every group member in real-time. You can send Group SMS to an unlimited number of people in just one click. Just download your Google contacts or any other source and save them in a csv, xls, xlsx file then upload all at once with the Import feature on our SMS Gateway.

  Group SMS for Hospitals

Doctors can use the AirTouch Group SMS service to remind patients about upcoming appointments, announce free checkups and other announcements.
For example: “ACL Hospital will be conducting a free eye check in Westlands on April 6. Call +254 723 403 466 to book an appointment.”

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  Group SMS for Job Websites

Recruitment agencies can use AirTouch Group SMS to update job seekers using about new openings. You can group job seekers by target industry for better results.
Example: “A new job in Sales has been posted. Visit acl.co.ke/jobs/sales to apply.”

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  Group SMS for Schools

Most parents don’t read diaries. Send a Group SMS directly to their phones and enjoy 98% delivery rates. You can use Group SMS for schools to send announcements when the term begins or ends, update parents when students leave for midterm break or the holidays, remind parents about upcoming parents’ meetings, events, graduations, trips and awards ceremonies, among others. Also, you can use Group SMS for Schools to remind parents about their pending obligations and a change of schedule for the school bus. You can segment parents according to class/grade and location.
For instance: “You are reminded to clear your fee balance of KES 10,000. We’ll be sending students with arrears home on Monday -  ACL School Bursar.”

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  Group SMS for Retailers

Retailers can use Group SMS to communicate with a specific segment of customers. Group SMS messages have a conversion rate of 45%, making them efficient for announcing offers.
For example:  “Enjoy ACL Tuesday Special for just 300/-. The meal includes a serving of friend been, an accompaniment of your choice and coleslaw.”

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  Group SMS for Churches

Churches can use Group SMS to communicate with the entire church, ministry members or church leaders. Segment your recipients into groups and send a Group SMS that is specifically tailored for them. SMS works faster than email messages, social media posts or printed announcement in the church bulletin. Majority of church members may not read those other platforms, but will see an SMS instantly and respond within 5 seconds.
For example; “Youth Ministry is preparing to climb Mt. Kenya on 20th November. Book with 2k before next Saturday and pay the balance in 3 instalments.  Call +254 723 403 466 to book.”

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  Group SMS for Political Parties

Politicians use Group SMS to communicate their policies, while political parties can use Group SMS to encourage voters to come out to vote.
“Hi Joe. Thanks for being a supporter of ACL party. We are reminding you to come out tomorrow and choose your leaders for the next 5 years. To verify your details, visit https://t.co/tIZTMTrmJH”

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  Group SMS for Customer Feedback

Use Group SMS to collect instant feedback from previous customers and make improvements on your products or service delivery. You can run polls or collect feedback by asking a question and giving multiple choices from which the customers will select. You can also add links on the text message with further information for a comprehensive feedback.
For example: “You recently bought ACL book from our Westlands Branch. Help us rate your experience at our store. Type 4 for Excellent, 3 for Good, 2 for Neutral, and 1 for Bad. Visit acl.co.ke to give us a detailed feedback.”
“ACL Froyo Parlour would like to know your favorite topping. Type your answer and hit send to reply.”

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Customer Segmentation with Keywords & Short Codes

Keywords and Short Codes help you to create a contact list with names and numbers of interested group members. They are a great tool for collecting phone numbers and automatically segmenting your customers into different lists. Once you reserve your short code, you can create several keywords for different audiences depending on your needs.
For instance, you can create the keyword ‘BlackFridaySale’ for your Black Friday Campaign, “MtKenyaHike” to organize a hike to Mt Kenya, and “ACLDeals” for all upcoming offers.

Group SMS FAQs

You can send Group SMS from the AirTouch SMS Gateway or a Playstore App such as Telegram App, WhatsApp and Messenger. To send Group SMS from AirTouch SMS Gateway, register for an account, buy SMS credits, then start sending.

Yes, with a Group Bulk SMS Provider such as AirTouch, you can easily send Group SMS from the web to any phone in Kenya.

Different mobile network providers charge different prices for Group SMS. You can send your Group SMS directly from your Safaricom line for 1.20/- per SMS, or 1.0/- per SMS (from Airtel line), or 1.15/- per SMS (from Telkom). However, AirTouch Group SMS prices are as low as 0.20/- per SMS.

The cheapest way to send Group SMS is through the AirTouch Bulk SMS Gateway. Once you buy Bulk SMS credits, you will be able to send Group SMS messages for as low as 0.20/- per SMS.

Sending Group SMS from your phone has a limit in terms of the number of recipients. Android allows up to 100 recipients, while iPhone allows up to 20 recipients. To send Group SMS to unlimited contacts, use the AirTouch Group SMS Gateway.

To send Group SMS from free Group messages App, you need to download the App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Your recipients also need to download the App so they can receive messages. Depending on the App, you will need to upload a limited number of recipients, usually 100 in one SMS. AirTouch Group SMS, on the other hand, does not have these restrictions. You can send SMS to any phone, and to as many recipients as possible.

Yes, you can send Group SMS from your iPhone or Android phone. However, you will be limited to sending to only a few people, and you will pay the rate determined by your network provider. To send cheaper Group SMS messages to a large number of people, signup for AirTouch Group SMS.