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Bulk SMS for Schools & Academic Institutions

Schools, colleges, universities, technical training institutes, examination bodies, accreditation boards, and professional colleges need to keep students, parents, guardians, suppliers, and staff members updated. Bulk SMS is one of the quickest forms of communication in schools. Use AirTouch SMS solutions to build relationship, announce intakes, registration offers, new programs, meetings, events, key dates and other reminders.

Bulk SMS for elementary schools

Send bulk SMS to share homework, announce parents meetings, academic trips, pick up and drop time alerts, child progress reports, child behavior and progress reports, and emergency alerts with the parent or guardian.

Bulk SMS for Day and Boarding schools

Verify class attendance, enrolment deadlines, exam registration details and schedules, school calendars, fees payment updates, announce exam results and raise awareness about bullying. You can also send SMS messages with admission details, share upcoming events, hostel allocation, class progress reports, among others.

Bulk SMS for international schools

Schedule bulk SMS messages to update students and parents about the school calendar, new programs, available activities and how to join, changes in program schedules, and enrolment deadlines. Also, send bulk SMS to share the fees payment details and status, announce upcoming exchange programs, and promote school events.

Bulk SMS for Colleges and Universities

Universities, colleges and other institutes of higher education can use bulk SMS services to enroll new students, share application status, admission details, emergency alerts such as change of lecturer, exam date, or lecture hall, security alerts, upcoming events such as public lectures, career week, and orientation, course registration deadline, assignment deadlines, graduation dates, clearance status, volunteer opportunities, scholarships and fellowship opportunities, vacancies, and library usage. They can also share updates on course progression with parents, degree/certificate validation, upcoming elections and election results, internship schedules and supervision details, special training dates, as well as to collect feedback.

Gain a competitive edge with our all –in-one school management system

We have an app-based school management system that facilitates smooth communication with all stakeholders in school. You can use this system to manage staff, classes, students, suppliers, hostel and transport, and fees payment. Each module has an option to schedule automated SMS reminders to the concerned parties. You can also schedule SMS alerts for all the term activities and key dates at the beginning of the term. Further, you can share the alerts on email and in-app notifications and save on printing costs.

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