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Send SMS Message at a Later Date With AirTouch Scheduled SMS Service

Are you looking for a scheduling app to automate client communication or send reminders and alerts at a later date? AirTouch Scheduled SMS allows you to automate SMS text messaging for business. You can use this service to schedule a sales campaign, automated reminders, and appointments. Also, event organizers can use AirTouch Scheduled SMS to remind attendees of the upcoming event, reducing no-shows and late arrivals.


Features of AirTouch Scheduled SMS

 Interactive reminders with short code SMS scheduling
 Use an SMS template to compose your “send later” SMS messages
 Scheduled SMS text messages to all phones, including Android, iPhone and feature phones
 Messages while you are away


Scheduled Campaigns

Businesses and organizations that send a lot of messages can benefit from AirTouch Scheduled message service. Business text messaging services like AirTouch allow you to automate Bulk SMS text messaging to any phone from your computer.


Scheduled SMS APIs

Another way to use the Scheduled SMS service from AirTouch is through integration with your website or apps. This feature allows you to send alerts, verification messages, confirmation messages and other forms of alerts when someone takes a specified action on your website or App, such as registration, signing in, placing an order, or processing a payment, among others.


Schedule Recurring SMS Messages

Scheduled SMS also allows you to send a recurring message by selecting the frequency in terms of the day of the month, time, etc. For instance, you can schedule a recurring text message to wish your customers a happy birthday and happy holidays every year.

Scheduled SMS FAQs

Yes, you can schedule SMS text messages for a later date using the Scheduled SMS feature on your phone or Scheduled Bulk SMS Providers like the AirTouch Bulk SMS Gateway.

If you are sending a Scheduled SMS from your phone, the message will not be sent if your phone goes off. However, if you are using AirTouch Scheduled SMS feature, your message will be sent at the right time even if the recipient’s phone is off or your internet is off. The messages are saved in our servers, awaiting future delivery.

When you turn off a Scheduled SMS, it cancels the SMS and does not send it at the previously set time.

If you are using a Bulk SMS Provider like AirTouch to send your Scheduled SMS, the message will be sent, but it will not be delivered immediately. You will be able to monitor delivery status from the AirTouch Bulk SMS Gateway.

To schedule a business SMS from the AirTouch SMS Gateway, create an account, buy a Sender ID and Bulk SMS credits, upload your contacts, compose your SMS, then set the time you want the Bulk SMS sent.

Yes, you can schedule a recurring SMS with AirTouch Scheduled SMS feature.

Yes, you can set an SMS text message to send at a specific time using our platform. Call +254 723 403 466 for details about the AirTouch automated SMS messages, Scheduled SMS Service and website/App security alert messages.