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As a brand, it is essential to constantly collect feedback from your customers. This feedback helps you to develop your products and streamline service delivery, giving you an edge over your competitors. You can achieve this easily using a Short Code. A Short Code is an SMS service that allows Two-Way messaging between a business, organization or institution and its subscribers. You can use a Short Code to send interactive messages and receive replies through your SMS inbox. AirTouch is a leading Short Code provider in Kenya. To secure a dedicated or shared Short Code in Kenya, Call or WhatsApp +254 723 403 466.

Generate Revenue with Short Codes

You have probably seen betting companies run competitions using Premium Rate Short Codes, but did you know you too can make money using a Short Code and a keyword? Any registered company can earn extra revenue by deducting a specified amount of money when subscribers reply to their web to phone SMS messages. This can also be a great opportunity to collect more information about your subscribers and fine tune your Bulk SMS campaigns.

Short Surveys via Short Codes

Short Codes help you to run surveys via SMS. After customers buy from you and give you consent to send them marketing messages, use their number to collect feedback on how their experience was. This strategy can work for restaurants, hospitals, shopping malls, bookstores, supermarkets and any other business that wants to make a difference. Inside the SMS text message, you can ask them to give a rating, select among multiple choices or send them to your website for detailed feedback. To make the most out of your SMS survey, keep your message short and simple.

Organize Donations with Short Codes

If you want to raise funds for charity or another cause, you can use Short Codes to run your “Text to Donate” campaigns. Text to Donate campaigns work like betting competitions, where a registered business sets the donation amount as the cost of text message replies. If you are running a charity organization, children’s home, or any other social cause that requires constant donations, AirTouch Short Code Provider in Kenya can help you set up your Text to Donate Short Code campaigns.

Looking for Dedicated or Shared Short Codes in Kenya? Call Us at +254 723 403 466

Whether you want to run a survey, competition to generate revenue or fundraise through SMS texting, AirTouch will help you. We are licensed by the CAK to provide both Dedicated and Shared Short Codes in Kenya through our partnership with Safaricom, Airtel and Telkom Kenya. Our solution is very affordable and allows you to achieve your goals with minimum resources. We also offer Bulk SMS services to complement your SMS campaigns. Call us today at +254 723 403 466 for a competitive Short Code price.

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