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Bulk SMS for Hospitals

The healthcare sector needs fast communication with staff and clients in order for efficiency and client retention. You can integrate your healthcare management system with AirTouch Bulk SMS APIs to manage appointments and patients, organize work, prioritize emergencies, share internal news and promotional messages, manage the waiting line and boost revenues.

Maintain relationships with clients

Segment clients according to shared attributes such as health condition and share relevant tips with them to maintain the relationship. Patients do not require direct contact with the physician to stay updated, but with a powerful messaging solution such as AirTouch Bulk SMS APIs, you can easily schedule automated SMS messages to alert them about transactions, test results, appointment time, and send medicine reminders. Also, use bulk SMS to share upcoming medical camps, health tips, and other news.

Prioritize emergencies

Your hospital staff members can be more efficient if they are constantly updated about the emergency room situation. A physician could be in another ward or wing when a case escalates or an emergency is reported. With a working SMS communication service, you can send alerts to all staff members and get enough workers to attend to the emergency.

Manage the waiting line

Even with a ticketing system, the hospital queue can get annoyingly long. Have patients who are coming for general checkups book appointments in advance via SMS and then get a specific slot so they do not have to wait the whole day to see a doctor. Every person can organize their day better and only visit when there are few people ahead of them in the queue.

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