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Bulk SMS Service in Kenya

Sending Bulk SMS messages can boost the growth of your business. Whether you are a small, micro or medium business, Bulk SMS services from AirTouch can enhance your customer service and jumpstart your SMS marketing. Schools, churches, travel agents, financial institutions, entertainment joints, restaurants, ecommerce and tech firms are using Bulk SMS to engage with their customers and generate thousands of leads in a single click.

Benefits of AirTouch Bulk SMS Service

Once you sign up to the AirTouch Bulk SMS services in Kenya, you can start sending Bulk SMS to customers immediately and boost your marketing campaigns from any location in the world. AirTouch Bulk SMS providers in Kenya will give you a dedicated client portal that allows you to send SMS to many customers at once.

Send timely messages with Airtouch Bulk SMS marketing solutions

Getting the attention of your potential customers is never easy since several competitors are fighting for a share. However, SMS messages have an open rate of 99%, with 99% of the SMS message recipients opening them between 3 and 20 minutes. Bulk SMS text communication ensures that your message reaches your target audience as fast as possible. If you have an urgent message for your customers, staff, church members, students and other group members, use Bulk SMS for fast delivery and guaranteed opens.

Get high SMS delivery rates and save money

Airtouch Bulk SMS solution is cheaper than normal Safaricom, Airtel, Telkom SMS rates. The more Bulk SMS messages you send, the lower the SMS rates become, saving you a lot of money. Furthermore, sending Bulk SMS message communication takes just a single click and a few cents.

Get repeat business with AirTouch personalized mass messaging solution

Sending personalized mass SMS text messages enhances your customers’ experience and brings you repeat business. Airtouch will give you an easy to use text message template to send your personalized mass messages.

Send cheap SMS from the web with Airtouch Bulk SMS solutions

Bulk SMS is relatively cheaper in comparison to other forms of communication. Further, it uses a web-to-phone kind of connection, enabling you to access it from any internet enabled computer. You do not pay any subscription fee to start using our bulk SMS services.

Features of AirTouch Bulk SMS Service

  Send to all mobile phone networks in Kenya. Send messages from your AirTouch account through the web to Safaricom, Airtel and Telkom network users.

  No software download. AirTouch allows you to send mass messages from our SMS gateway. You do not need to download any software; just log in to your account and start sending messages.

  No expiry date. AirTouch Bulk SMS credits have no expiry. You can use our no-expiry Bulk SMS bundle for over a year.

  Pay as you go. You can buy a cheap Bulk SMS bundle or pay for the specific number of SMS messages you want to send. We charge your account for every SMS you send.

  Standard SMS rate to all networks. Our SMS price is fixed for all networks.

  Send SMS from anywhere in the world. As long as your account has Bulk SMS credit, you can send your SMS messages from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection and a computer. No roaming charges when you are traveling.

  Send text message communication to any phone. Our Bulk SMS solution works on all types of phones. Whether the recipient is using a smartphone or feature phone, AirTouch Bulk SMS platform will deliver the message to them.

  Real time Bulk SMS delivery reports. Track how your messages are being delivered in real time.

Frequently Ask Questions

Bulk SMS is a messaging solution that allows you to send one message to many people at once.
Bulk SMS prices depend on the package you buy. If you purchase credits for 500,000 messages, you pay 1/- per SMS. However, if you buy credits for over 1,000,000 SMS messages, you can send each SMS for as little as 0.6/-.
To send Bulk SMS at once, you need to create an account with a credible Bulk SMS provider in Kenya such as AirTouch. After that, decide how many SMS messages you intend to send in a month, quarter or year, then buy Bulk SMS credits. Log into your account and start sending your SMS messages.
AirTouch Bulk SMS Gateway allows you to buy Bulk SMS credits automatically using M-PESA.
There are various Bulk SMS providers in Kenya. However, choosing the right one is not easy. You need to consider the quality of customer support service, IT Support and bulk SMS pricing before settling on a specific provider. AirTouch Bulk SMS providers have the lowest Bulk SMS prices, are available on phone, WhatsApp and email for support, and you can visit their offices in Westlands for any issues you may have. Our support numbers are +254 20 877 000 and +254 723 403 466
Here are the rates of sending SMS text message in Kenya;
  • Safaricom SMS price: 1.20/-
  • Airtel SMS price: 1.0/-
  • Telkom SMS price: 1.15/-
  • AirTouch unlimited Bulk SMS price: as low as 0.2/-
To send 300-5,000 messages at once, you need to use the AirTouch Bulk SMS Gateway. Log into your account and upload the contacts you want to use in a csv file. You can also type in the numbers and names of recipients directly. Once done, compose your message and then send.
We have two types of Bulk SMS messages in Kenya; One-Way Bulk SMS and Two-Way Bulk SMS. One-Way Bulk SMS allows you to send Bulk SMS text messages to a group without giving them an option to reply. Two-Way Bulk SMS, on the other hand, allows you to send SMS messages to a group and receive reply from each recipient.
Bulk SMS providers in Kenya work in partnership with the mobile network providers and are regulated by the Communications Authority of Kenya. Once you decide on the type of Bulk SMS service you want, they will talk to the network providers (by signing Interconnection agreement) to allow you to send Bulk SMS messages using their network. They will then assign you a unique Sender ID that you will always use to send your messages. If your subscribers are on all the three networks, you need authorization from all three. However, if they are on only one network, you only need authorization from one. After you have been given permission to send SMS messages using the networks, the Bulk SMS provider will then enable that network on your account to allow you to start sending Bulk SMS messages to any network in Kenya.
Bulk SMS gateway is a platform/Gateway that allows you to send Bulk SMS.
Yes, you can send Bulk SMS for free using the AirTouch Bulk SMS Gateway. When you sign up for AirTouch Bulk SMS services, we give you 25 free SMS credits to send free SMS messages in Kenya.
You can send as many SMS messages as possible from the AirTouch Bulk SMS platform.
To send unlimited SMS in Kenya, you need to partner with a Bulk SMS provider like AirTouch. Once you sign up and buy Bulk SMS credits, you can send unlimited SMS messages at once.
Any business, company, organization, institute, parastatal, and group in Kenya can use Bulk SMS to communicate. These Include Schools, Churches, NGOs, Ecommerce Websites, Banks, SACCOs, Shops, Restaurants, Pubs, Ticketing Websites, Travel Agents, Government, among others.
Yes, you can send more than 100 SMS in a day using Bulk SMS Gateway such as AirTouch.
SMS server helps you to deliver SMS text message to the recipient. Your mobile phone picks it automatically once you set a default network provider for your gadget. However, on Bulk SMS gateways, you need to set up the SMS server using APIs to allow you to send automated notifications. Contact us for SMS server configuration settings for your website.

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